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HIC Clinic

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Our gene therapies provide patients with preventive healthcare

Tuberculosis and pneumonia were once the leading cause of death in Japan. As Japanese life expectancy and the standard of living rose in the decades of post-war Japan, the incidence of various cancers also rose, with cancer becoming the leading cause of death in 1981. Today, cancer deaths account for approximately 30% of all deaths in Japan. Preventing cancer is therefore essential for maintaining quality of life, which is why HIC Clinic remains committed to providing gene therapy services for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Recent years have seen unprecedented events in the field of healthcare, including the global spread of infectious diseases. To prepare for extraordinary circumstances such as these, HIC Clinic has been optimizing gene therapy technologies to provide patients with effective preventive treatments. Now, with more than 30 years of research in gene therapy technologies, HIC Clinic has the ability to make significant contributions to the prevention of cancer and infectious diseases such as viral pneumonia across a broad range of populations.

#1105 Yurakucho Itocia Office Tower 11F, 2-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006

1 min. walk from JR / Subway "Yurakucho Station" 2 min. walk from subway "Ginza Station"


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About our Director

Director of HIC Clinic

M.D., Ph.D.

Tetsuyuki Hirahata

Dr. Tetsuyuki Hirahata, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Hirahata graduated from Toho University School of Medicine in 1974 and joined its Faculty of Internal Medicine I: Hematology in 1975. He continued his work as a research fellow in the Faculty of Internal Medicine (Hematology/Oncology) at East Carolina University School of Medicine.

Upon returning to Japan, he established Hirahata Clinic and also founded UDX Hirahata Clinic and its affiliated research institute in Akihabara, Tokyo, in 2008. Both medical facilities were created to provide specialized healthcare services in the fields of genetic testing and treatment, and Dr. Hirahata continues to advance these same lines of research at HIC Clinic and its associated research laboratory.

Former President of Soyukai Medical Corporation
Former Director of the Institute for Genetic Diagnosis and Treatment
Board-Certified Physician, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)
Professional Affiliations: Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, Japan Pancreas Society, Japanese Society for Gene Diagnosis and Therapy, Japan Society of Human Genetics, and American Society of Human Genetics.

About our Doctor

Shinji Kashiki

Dr. Shinji Kashiki, M.D., Ph.D.

Board Certified Member of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, Board Certified Member of the Japanese Society of Cardiovascular Medicine, Occupational Health Physician

1986 Graduated from Teikyo University School of Medicine
1987 Tokyo Medical University, the Second Department of Internal Medicine
1988 Toda Central General Hospital, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine
2015 Totsuka Kyoritsu Daiichi Hospital, Director of Dialysis Center
2018 Himonya Hospital, Chief, Department of Internal Medicine
2021 Ginza Sukiyabashi Clinic, Director
2022 HIC Clinic, Permanent Physician

Our Research Facility

A medical clinic with an affiliated genetic research facility

Our research institute is actively engaged in genetic studies in the treatment and prevention of cancer, as well as in the control of infectious disease. In a dedicated sterile laboratory, our scientists extract DNA from each patient’s blood and/or cell samples and analyze the genes relevant to their clinical conditions. This allows us to tailor drugs to their specific symptoms and genetic profiles.
We also freeze patients’ donor cells such as natural killer (NK) cells and store them in liquid nitrogen at -196°C—making it easy to reproduce cell-based therapies for cancer patients in need.