Clinic specializing in cancer treatment and infectious disease prevention with gene technology

Our Medical Services

HIC Clinic offers gene therapies developed through our decade-long research as well as other cutting-edge services such as immunotherapy and genetic testing

Gene therapy is a technique that can alleviate disease symptoms through identifying damaged or defective genes and delivering specific nucleic acids directly to target cells to repair those genes. HIC Clinic currently embraces this technique for the prevention and treatment of cancer and we are also applying our gene therapy technology to the prevention and control of viral infection. At present, we offer the following medical services*:

*Any treatment fees need to be covered by yourself.

Genetic Testing

The analysis of nucleic acids isolated from DNA and RNA in blood samples can reveal a significant amount of diagnostic information, including the risk of developing cancer or the current stage of cancer progression.

The Hirahata Method of genetic testing developed by HIC Clinic runs 251 different types of assays to provide comprehensive evaluation of gene mutations and cancer risk, and to predict the response to cancer therapies.

Cancer Prevention and Treatment

The results of our genetic diagnostics inform the creation of cancer prevention and treatment services tailored to the specific level of risk or stage of disease for each individual patient.

In the prevention and treatment of cancer, we primarily focus on the tumor suppressor genes present in all human cells. Our approach to suppressor gene therapy can also be combined with our DNA vaccines and/or various cell-based therapies to meet the needs of each patient.

Prevention of Infectious Diseases

Through the application of gene therapy technologies, we have succeeded in developing new DNA vaccines for the prevention of infectious diseases caused by pathogens such as viruses. Unlike conventional vaccines, DNA vaccines are free from protein components—thereby minimizing the risk of allergic or other adverse reactions.