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Privacy Policy

At HIC Clinic, we consider it a very important social responsibility to protect and manage the personal information of our patients and visitors in an appropriate manner. Therefore, we set out our policy on the protection of personal information as follows and do our best to ensure it is implemented thoroughly.
(Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Information)
We will establish a system for protecting and managing personal information, and set forth and abide by internal rules for the appropriate collection, use, and provision of personal information.
(Proper Management of Personal Information)
We will keep the personal information of patients and visitors accurate and up-to-date, and endeavor to prevent leakage, loss, destruction, or falsification of, or unauthorized access to, the personal information of patients and visitors. Should any problem occur, we will take rectification measures promptly.
(Checking, Correction, etc. of Personal Information)
When we receive a request for disclosure of personal information from a patient or visitor, we will check the details without delay and respond in accordance with each facility’s rules for the provision of personal information, etc.
(Contact Us)
We accept questions and inquiries regarding the privacy policy at the clinic’s counter and through the contact form.
(Compliance with Laws and Regulations, etc. and Improvement of Personal Information Protection Framework)
We comply with the laws and regulations, guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and other rules concerning the protection of personal information, and review the provisions set out above whenever appropriate and try to improve the framework for the protection of personal information on a continuous basis.
(Purposes of Use of Personal Information at the Clinic)
  • Provision of medical services at the clinic
  • Coordination with other hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, home nursing stations, nursing care service providers, etc.
  • Responding to inquiries from other medical institutions, etc.
  • Seeking an opinion or advice from an outside doctor, etc., for the patient’s medical examination and treatment
  • Outsourcing of laboratory tests and other tasks
  • Explaining the condition of the patient to his or her family, etc.
  • Other uses related to the provision of medical care to the patient
  • Submission of itemized statements of medical expenses to examination and payment agencies
  • Responding to inquiries from examination and payment agencies or insurers
  • Submission of itemized statements of medical expenses to, and responding to inquiries from, administrative agencies, etc., related to publicly-funded health care
  • Other uses for the purpose of billing for medical fees related to medical insurance, nursing care insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance, and publicly-funded health care
  • Accounting
  • Reporting of medical accidents, etc.
  • Improvement of medical services provided to the patient
  • Ward management including admission and discharge
  • Other uses related to the management and operation of the clinic
  • Notification to enterprises etc., of the results of medical examination, etc., entrusted to the clinic by the enterprises etc.
  • Basic data for maintaining and improving medical and nursing care services and other operations
  • Cooperation with medical training conducted at the clinic
  • Provision of information to external audit agencies
※If you do not consent to any provision of information to other medical institutions, etc. listed above, please inform us.
※Unless we are informed otherwise, we will assume that we have your consent and handle your personal information accordingly. You may withdraw or change your consent or dissent at any time afterwards.